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6 Reasons Why E-Cig Vapes Appeal to the Millennial Generation

In today’s digital age, there are a variety of trends and new products that have emerged, and while some of these trends are just an overnight hype, many blow up to become a global phenomenon.  A perfect example of this is the E-cigarette industry. After being introduced to the market in 2003, E-Cigs have created a mass appeal which has paved its way into the mainstream. Today it has become a simpler electronic smoke-free alternative for millions of cigarette smokers globally and at this point, it’s pretty clear that it’s here to stay.

 Whether an e-cig nicotine vape cartridge or a cheap vape pod, these e-cig products have quickly gained popularity over time and it's no secret that the Millennial Generation is the leading demographic when it comes to the latest trends, innovation, and products. There are many reasons that millennials drive these trends throughout the globe, and it’s not all that surprising -- after all we’re talking about the same group of people who were raised in the tech generation. In the case of e-cigarette vapes, we should be thankful for a trend that’s in favor of a smoke-free alternative with reduced risks over traditional combustible cigarette smoking.


With this in mind, we’ve gathered 6 reasons e-cig vapes appeal to the millennial generation:


1.)             It’s convenient. In today’s fast-paced environment, everyday stressors and over-stimulation consume everyone, and because of this, millennials are more likely to smoke traditional combustible cigarettes in between a hard and stressful day at work, during happy hour, after dinner, and nights out. But catching a break to get away and have a smoke has become difficult and more of a hassle due to new, evolving restrictions on smoking. Using e-cigarettes allows them to “vape” at more convenient times and locations. Not only that, but vaping has become more socially acceptable, making it permissible to use e-cigarettes indoors, in cars, and during events. Another convenient appeal that these e-cig vapes have among the millennial generation is that they are ultra-portable and handy without the added “baggage” that a lighter or a book of matches carries.


2.)             Cost savings.  E-cig vapes can actually be a cheaper alternative for traditional combustible cigarettes or cigars, giving millennials an option to choose between variants, which can include disposable and refillable options. Even disposable E-cigarettes can last longer than actual cigarettes and if they opt to use a refillable, all they have to do is refill their e-cig vape cartridge tank with their favorite e-juice. An EVEN simpler form of vaping would be using a closed system vape, which allows you to just pop in any flavor pod of your choosing, without ever having to refill anything yourself. From sophisticated mods and vaporizers to disposable, pre-filled vape pods, all forms of e-cig vapes can last several days and are becoming readily available on the market, making it even more cost effective to millennials and seemingly endless ways to save money.


3.)             No foul cigarette odor. A significant benefit of e-cigarettes is not having to worry about the distinct and residual odor of traditional combustible cigarettes. Cigarette smokers know: worrying about that “smokers breath” in front of your family, your co-workers, or anyone you get within close proximity to is not ideal, and neither is having to carry around gum, perfume/cologne, and maybe even a toothbrush. Getting rid of that concern as well as not having the offensive, lingering odor on clothes tops the list when considering the reasons why millennials choose e-cigarette vapes over traditional combustible cigarettes.


4.)             Flavor variety. With traditional combustible cigarettes there are really only two options; with electronic cigarettes, the options are seemingly endless. E-cigs give you the choice of identifying flavor profiles that satisfy your cravings and taste buds. You can vape an e-juice that tastes like a decadent chocolate cake, a juicy ripe mango, or a refreshing mint. Shoot, even if you do like the taste of tobacco, you have that option plus added flavors that you simply can’t find with tobacco cigarettes. 


5.)             Fewer risks. Traditional cigarettes contain a lot of well-documented, harmful chemicals and toxins - high levels of nicotine, lead, ammonia, cyanide, arsenic, carbon monoxide, and the list can go on. E juices used in e-cig vapes, on the other hand, generally consists of propylene glycol, glycerin, water, nicotine, and flavorings. It is also less harmful to others who are passive smokers.


6.)             Manageable and adjustable nicotine levels. Millennials like having options, and e-cig vapes allow options across all areas. this encourages them to choose e-cig vapes over traditional cigarettes because it allows them to adjust and regulate their e-cigarette nicotine level without the presence of tar. Nicotine vape cartridges are also widely available and can be filled with an e juice that has the lowest to the highest level of nicotine, basically what the users prefer.


With all these factors and availability in the market, it is not surprising why a large number of millennials are more likely to turn to e-cigarette vapes.  They are drawn to these products not only because of what we’ve discussed in this article, and neither because they think it’s cool or the latest fad, but because today’s young generation is knowledgeable and responsible enough to understand the advantages of the products they use.


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