Eonsmoke Silky Strawberry

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Your favorite creamy strawberry vape. These are a great option for those who like a sweet, silky, and deliciously smooth experience that delivers a satisfying hit of strawberry fruity flavor.

  • Each pack contains (4) Eonsmoke pods
  • Each Eonsmoke Pod contains 1.0mL nicotine by volume / 6% nicotine by weight

About Eonsmoke Pods:

Eonsmoke Juul compatible pre-filled pods are well known for their vast flavor ranges and affordability. If you're looking for a slightly higher nicotine strength with a great variety of flavor profiles check our Eonsmoke selection! 

Light - 4 packs

Medium - 8 packs

Heavy - 12 packs


Their Price

$14.99 per pack

No Free Shipping


Our Price

$13.27 per pack


$12.30 per pack (with a heavy subscription)


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